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Concrete Cosmetic With Lasur Technic

 In the past, concrete was preferred especially for its high load-bearing capacity and formability. Today, thanks to the diversity of visual effects and textures, concrete comes to life with a new face in the projects of designers and architects. The naturalness and attractive aesthetics of bare concrete surfaces are becoming more and more desirable.

When viewed as uniform and gray, the image of concrete was too weak for a while. But gross concrete is no longer just gray. Yellow, red, blue, etc. are possible to come across any color concrete. It is possible to come across shining concretes such as gold and silver. It is even possible to use all the nuances of a single color. This is where KEIM Lasur Technic enters the game. KEIM Lasur Technic is a low pigment semi-transparent very thin coating that emphasizes the visual properties while preserving the original texture of concrete.

The KEIM Lasur Technic has been used for more than 35 years in the protection of gross concrete structures in the world and in revitalizing its visual effects. With the designer’s interpretation of the Lasur Technic, the result is surprising every time and demonstrates the endless design power of the material.

Lasur Technic is a very good method to hide the visual defects in concrete with its contribution to the design. After spot fillings and touch-ups, KEIM Lasur Technic balances the visual differences on the entire surface with its transparent structure.

Betonun kozmetik tedavisi söz konusu olduğunda öncelikle kusurlu alanlar spot dolgular ve rötuşlar ile onarılır. Sonrasında yerinde örnekleme yolu ile betonun somut renk tonu ve seyreltme derecesi ayarlanır. Belirlenen seyreltme oranı ile uygulanan KEIM lasur ile mevcut betonun karakteri ve dokusu korunarak hedeflenen iyileştirme/sağlıklaştırma çalışması tamamlanır.


KEIM Lasur Tekniği ile Mineral renk eşleşme yoluyla beton yüzeylerin düzeltilmesi ( Truva Müzesi örnek uygulama alanı)

Patchwork With Colours:
The photo below is from the University of Frankfurt. In the 4-storey open atrium of the university, a 60 m long and 12 m high wall was divided into squares and the KEIM Lasur Technique was applied in different colors. The massive character of the wall is neutralized with this way. With the KEIM Lasur Technic, a semi-transparent application has been applied uniformly in 3 tones of red, white, green and gray tones. All colors are applied on a light gray base.

KEIM Lasur Technic is preferred not only for aesthetic purposes but also because it is a successful protection product. As a result of the combination of its binder glass water’s (potassium silicate) inorganic color pigments and mineral based fillers, KEIM Lasur Technic penetrates and chemical interferes to the mineral surface to which it is applied. It becomes a part of the surface to which it is applied rather than the coating. The surface has a mineral matt appearance just like natural concrete. Textures such as wooden mold marks are not only preserved but become an integral part of the surface as a result of the silicification process. Thus, concrete is protected against further deterioration due to bad weather conditions.

With use of KEIM Lasur Technic;

  • It compensates for different color formations caused by cold joints and production in concrete.
  • The natural, matt appearance of concrete is maintained.
  • Applicable in a wide range of colors
  • Provides protection with waterproofing.
  • Water vapor permeability is high.
  • UV resistant. It does not fade.
  • Fireproof. Does not release gas during fire.
  • Due to its antistatic behavior, it gets dirty slowly.

In short, the Lasur technic is indispensable for concrete cosmetics with all these features.