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KEIM Concretal Lasur

KEIM Concretal Lasur

Thin Layer Concrete Coating

1. Product Description

When sol-silicate based Concretal Lasur diluted with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ or KEIM Concretal-Base, it occurs excellent an opaque thin coating and finish with low pigment. With use of KEIM Silane-100, it stasfies DIN EN1504-2/2.2 standart.

2. Application Field

It is used to creat a low pigment top coat on indoor and outdoor fair-faced concrete surfaces. For example, fair-faced concrete surface . For example, stains and repairs may be concealed with a color tone of concrete on fair-faced concrete surfaces where no plaster will be applied. In addtion to this, When it is used with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ or KEIM Concretal-Base, concrete appearance with colour is provided. ,


The opaque thin layer coatings adhering to the surface structure are intended to provide a protective topcoat resistant to water and weather. Water resistance can be further enhanced by forming a waterproof substrate using KEIM Silangrund or KEIM Silan-100. With use of KEIM Silane-100, it stasfies DIN EN1504-2/2.2 waterproofing standart. KEIM Concretal Lasur is not suitable for horizontal and slightly inclined weathered surfaces.

Colour Tinting: Colours of KEIM Palette Exclusive

3. Product Features

KEIM Concretal Lasur protects concrete from weather conditions and thus prevents the penetration of aggressive atmospheric pollutants. The surface structure of the concrete, such as mold board traces, is fully preserved.Surface is mineral matt. With the KEIM Concretal-Fixativ or KEIM Concretal-Base, different low pigment finishes can be obtained with various dilution rates or optical defects such as stains and color differences can be eliminated.

The binder is a combination of silica sol, potassium silicate and pure acrylate.

Technical Data (Undiluted) :

• Density: 1.20 g/cm3
• Vapor Diffusion Resistance: sd(H2O) = 0.02 m
• Color Fastness: A1(Fb-BFS accord. page  No.26, FB-Code)

4. Application Information

The application surface must be dust-free and dry. Loose areas, dirt, oily materials, algae and unhealthy existing organic bound layers need to be completely removed. In case of fresh concrete structures, any residual oil must be removed with KEIM Betonschnell-reiniger (concrete cleaner). Clean, robust concrete does not require pretreatment. Before application of KEIM Concretal Base and KEIM Concretal Lasur, highly absorbent surfaces or surfaces exposed to harsh weather conditions can be treated with a waterproof substrate such as KEIM Silangrund or KEIM Silan-100 (tested with ZTV-ING) to improve waterproofing. KEIM Concretal-Lasur can be applied after approx. 4 hours if the next primer coat is KEIM Silangrund and after 4 to 24 hours if KEIM Silan-100. Soft, hollow concrete surfaces or existing mineral layers can be pre-treated with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ.

Low Pigment Layer :
In outdoor applications, the need for weather resistance generally requires the application of a low pigment coating in two coats by brush. For primer and topcoat, KEIM Concretal-Lasur can be diluted with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ or KEIM Concretal-Base in any ratio, depending on the desired translucency of the topcoat. To determine the dilution rate, it is recommended to make samples in the test areas. Ensure that mixing well of diluted KEIM Concretal-Lasur before and during work. Water or any other material is not added.

Note :
The system components, Concretal-Lasur, Concretal-Base and Concretal-Fixativ can be mixed together in any desired ratio. KEIM Concretal-Base provides an attractive transparency with ideal application consistency and film thickness. KEIM Concretal-Fixativ provides highly transparent low pigment topcoats with beautiful color brightness and very low film thickness.,

Opaque Coating

The primer layer plus topcoat is required to provide an opaque protective coating that protects the surface structure.

Primer Layer: Dilute KEIM Concretal-Lasur 15 lt with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ 2,5 – 8 lt (0,2 – 0,5 lt Fixativ with Lasur 1lt).
Top Coat: Concretal-Lasur is applied undiluted by brush, roller or spray with a wet edge protection.

Application Conditions :
Air and application surface temperature should be between + 5 ° C and max. 30 ° C. (Up to 80% relative humidity.) Apply only in dry weather conditions. Do not apply on highly heated surfaces or in strong windy weather. After application, protect the surfaces from excessive drying, wind and rain.

Drying Time :
Between layers, min. 12 hours. Before primer layer and after KEIM Silangrund min 4 hour or after KEIM Silan-100 approx. 4 or 24 hours should be waited.

For two opaque layers: approx. 0,25 lt/m2 KEIM Concretal-Lasur and approx. 0.04 lt KEIM Concretal-Fixativ

For two low pigment top coat: Depending on the degree of dilution, determine with trial applications.

The stated consumption data are guide values for a flat surface. Exact values can be determined by painting test areas on the surface to be applied.

Cleaning Tools:
After application, clean them with water immediately.

5. Packaging

KEIM Concretal-Lasur ; 1 lt, 5 lt ve 15 lt packages

KEIM Concretal-Fixativ ; 5 lt ve 20 lt packages

6. Storage

KEIM Concretal-Lasur, KEIM Concretal-Base and KEIM Concretal-Fixativ have 12 months shelf life in a sealed boxes and keep away from freezing conditions.

7. Hazardous Substances Regulations Class

Not applicable. n / a

8. Transport Hazard Class

Not applicable. n / a

9. Disposal of Product

EU Disposal Code No. 08 01 12. Recycle only buckets without residue.

10. Safety Datas

Protect untreated areas (glass, natural stone, ceramics) with appropriate precautions. Wipe off any paint splashing into the environment or traffic areas with plenty of water. Protect eyes and skin from paint splashes. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Code: M-SK 01

These values and characteristics are the result of extensive research and practical experience. Our written and oral advice on use is intended to assist in the selection of our products and does not create a contractual legal relationship. In particular, it does not exempt buyers and users from the responsibility for using and applying our products in accordance with their intended use. The general rules of construction technique must be observed. We reserve the right to make changes to improve our products or applications. With the publication of this communique, previous communiqués become invalid.