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KEIM Concretal Mörtel S

KEIM Concretal®-Universalmörtel-S

Concrete Repair Mortar

1. Product Description

It is a fast repair mortar used for repairing concrete and fari-faced concrete surfaces. Providing protection against corrosion, this mortar is reinforced with fiber.

2. Application Field

It is a concrete repair mortar used for repairing defects, segregations and areas where surface loss is observed on concrete and / or fari-faced concrete surfaces. If a plurality of layers are required, the layer thickness can range from 5 mm to 30 mm.

3. Features Of Product

• Polymer reinforced hydraulic mortar.
• Mixing with water.
• Can be used to provide protection against corrosion and to form a bond bridge.
• High adhesion strength.
• Stable for wall and general use.
• Resistant to varying temperatures and frost.
• It has fast settling feature.
It meets all requirements for building construction and repair with its powerful product features.

4. Application Instructions

Surface Preparation
Dust, oil, dirt, etc. on the surface should be cleaned. Loose, unstable parts on the surface should be removed. Dirt on the surface and any different layers, cement residues, etc. should be cleaned by sandblasting. For the minimum bond strength required, the relevant technical requirements for mineral surfaces must be observed. (DAfStb guidelines and ZTV-ING for the protection and improvement of concrete components).

Steel Reinforcement
For steel reinforcement, rust and corrosion must be removed to achieve the standard degree of cleaning specified in regulation SA 21/2 -DIN EN ISO 12944-4. There should not be any rust layer, dirt, oil etc. on the surface. Sandblasting is a recommended cleaning method unless quartz is used. After the surface cleaning, at least 10 mm depth should be applied for steel reinforcement. Two coats of KEIM Concretal-MKH should be applied to protect against corrosion.

Add KEIM Concretal-Universalmörtel-S to the water. Mix with a mixer or a low speed mixer for about 3 minutes until a homogenous mixture is achieved. Mixing the product by hand is not allowed.

Mixing Ratio:
For 25 kg of KEIM Concretal-Universalmörtel-S: 3.75 – 4.00 lt*water is required.
* Water is added to the desired consistency and depending on the temperature conditions.

(Low temperature = Less water requirement; High temperature = Excess water requirement)

The surface must be wetted before application. If the surface is very absorbent, it should be wetted several times beforehand. Use fresh water for soaking. First, KEIM Concretal-Universalmörtel-S is applied as a thin layer on the moist surface. If the cavities on the surface and the hollow areas have an area of 30 mm, multiple layers should be applied. Spray application is not possible. Spray application is not possible. Smooth finishes can be achieved with the help of tools such as trowels.

After Application
To prevent the Concretal-Universalmörtel-S from drying out very quickly, methods such as keeping the applied surface moist and covering it can be applied. It must be protected from direct sunlight and wind.

Tecnical Data
Grain Size: 1.2 mm
Fresh Cement Density: 1.85 kg/dm3
Compression Strength: After 28d: 49.3 N/mm2
Tensile Strength: After 28d: 6.0 N/mm2
Dynamic Coefficient of Flexibility: 18.6 GPa
Operation time: Approximately 30 minutes at 20 ° C

Application temperature (air and substrate): from + 5 ° C Up to + 30 ° C

Consumption: Approx. 1.6 kg/m2
Layer Thickness: 5 mm
Maximum 30 mm layer thickness for each application

Average layer thickness up to 60 mm

5. Packaging

25 kg packages

6. Storage

It lasts 12 months when stored in its original packaging under cool and dry conditions.

7. Disposel of Product

EC (European Union) Waste Code no. 17 01 01

All waste products must be unloaded before the waste packages are handed over to collection centers.

8. Safety Data

Protect untreated areas (eg glass, natural stone, ceramics, etc.) with appropriate precautions. Wipe off any products spilled on the environment or traffic areas with plenty of water. Protect eyes and skin from splashes. Keep out of reach of children.

It has low chromate content and conforms to TRGS 613.

Giskode: ZP 1

Please refer to the European Union Safety Data.