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KEIM Concretal – Spezialvergütung Dispersion for filler

KEIM Concretal®-Spezialvergütung

Fill Dispersion

1. Product Description

Water-dilutable resin for cement-bonded fillers.

2. Application Field

KEIM Concretal-Feinspachtel is a filling material used by adding with water.

3. Application Instructions

Surface Preparation
Dust, oil and other contaminants on the surface should be cleaned. It is recommended to clean the surface by sandblasting method. It may be necessary to wet the surface slightly beforehand, but the surface should not be fully saturated with water.

Mixing rate is 25 kg of dry KEIM Concretal-Feinspachtel with 4.5 lt water and 1.5 lt KEIM Concretal-Spezialvergütung at 20°C.

KEIM Concretal-Spezialvergütung is first added to water and mixed well. Depending on the temperature conditions, it is recommended that you test before applying the product.

Application Temperature
For application, it is recommended that the air and surface temperature be between 8°C and 30°C.


60 ml / m2

Repetition should be applied one more coat at 20°C after at least 5 days.

By adding KEIM Concretal-Spezialvergütung to the KEIM Concretal-Feinspachtel, the adhesion to the surface can be increased. In principle, KEIM Concretal-Spezialvergütung is recommended for filling very thin layers of plaster and defect and small-scale segregated areas. In this case, 1 liter of mixing water is replaced by KEIM Concretal-Spezialvergütung.

25 kg of KEIM Concretal-Feinspachtel,
3.5 lt su,
1.0 lt KEIM Concretal-Spezialvergütung

4. Packaging

5 lt packages

5. Storage

It lasts for 12 months when kept in its original packaging under cool and dry conditions and in conditions that will not be exposed to frost.

6. Disposal of Product

EC (European Union) Waste Code No. 08 01 12
All waste products must be unloaded before the waste packages are handed over to collection centers.

7. Safety Instructions

Protect untreated areas (eg glass, natural stone, ceramics, etc.) with appropriate precautions. Wipe off any products spilled on the environment or traffic areas with plenty of water. Protect eyes and skin from splashing. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Code: BS 40
Please refer to the European Union Safety Data.